Why Should Paul Run For City Council —

Paul has lived in Littleton for 59 years, raised 2 kids here with wife Betty and worked for Martin-Marietta for 30 years as an engineer. Their Daughter Ann, is a professor here at Rocky Vista Medical University and their son Jim graduated as an Architect and lives in Montrose.

Littleton Mayor Tom Heaton hired Paul Bingham in 1962 to work in Tom’s Advanced Development Propulsion Group at Martin Marietta. Paul was just getting out of the U.S. Army for the second time and were coming back home to their native state Colorado. Paul and wife Betty had a home built in Littleton’s Bel Vue Heights and have lived there ever since, 59 years. Paul’s involvement with Mayor Heaton led to an interest in civic affairs and Paul became President of the Bel View Heights Civic Association. Among other things, this group was successful in fighting off a car dealership that was proposed in their neighborhood. It is now on County line Road where it belongs.

Paul was active in the First Methodist Church, serving on various committees, Thru their church, Paul became active in scout troop 314, becoming Troop Committee Chairman & ending up as their Co-Scout Master.

Retiring from Martin Marietta after 30 years, Paul became more active in city affairs, attending more City Council & Planning Board meetings and joining the fight against Walmart, and then being involved in the Marathon development proposal. At that time he started sending emails to those involved to keep them up to date and to invite them to meetings. He has continued these email blasts to this day, 18 years, estimated 690,00 emails, attempting to get citizens involved in their city and showing them where to get information.

Shortly after the initial Marathon proposal, he was invited to a Sunshine Boys meeting, and has been active with them for many years, helping to fight off the Broadstone Apartment house proposal across from our historic Court House, and in the process forming the Citizens For Rational Development group, and working on three successful citizen’s initiatives.

Another area of Paul’s volunteer work has been in teaching people to use computers. As part of an initiative by several retired Martin engineers, he taught computer classes in the old Community Center for 17 years, and in the new Buck Recreation Center for four years. In parallel with this, he has been involved with the computers in the Bemis Library for as long as they have had computers, up until the Computer Lab was shut down for the coronavirus pandemic. In 2017 Paul was awarded Citizen Of The Year.

For several years, until he was timed out, he was on the Bemis Library Board.

And for about three years Paul was the Friends of the Library and Museum’s webmaster.

Paul has continued for 18 years with his weekly email blasts with the objective of helping citizens know what is going on in Littleton with their city government, developments, entertainment, and where to obtain information for themselves.

Paul has continued attending City Council meetings, being active in Littleton developments, the latest being active in the new ComPlan development and now the Envision Studio discussions about the Uniform Land Use Code.