Paul’s Experience

Paul has had 40 years of experience  as an Engineer, Rocket Scientist and Race Car Engineer.

This includes working on the F-1 rocket engines that “took us to the Moon”, with the Apollo project, and later on Space Shuttle propulsion.

He also worked on the Manned Maneuvering Unit that Lockheed Martin designed and built as a totally un-tethered Satellite for an astronaught to use to “fly” outside the Space Shuttle.

His experience as a Race Car engineer included being part of 4 different Porsche Race Teams over several years and reached a pinnacle at Le Mans in France where the team won 2nd, 8th and 9th in the 24 hour road race.

Paul also has about 30 years of experience dealing with the Littleton City Council as a Citizen; learning how they operate, watching them, giving testimony at Council Meetings  and attending every one of their meetings for the last 15 years..

“One of the things I will bring to City Council,” Paul says, “is financial restraint. I have always spent carefully myself, and yet have had everything I wanted. I got to retire 7 years early because I had our “ducks in order” when an opportunity came up at Lockheed Martin after I’d enjoyed working there 30 years